H.R. 688/S. 1485 Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act

Congressman Dennis Moore (Third District - Kansas) first introduced the
bill in 1999. The H.R.688, Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act, amends the Poison Prevention Packaging Act to authorize the Consumer Product Safety Commission to require child-proof caps for portable gasoline containers. Since February 2001 there have been 12 cosponsors for this act.

"Countless children are harmed or killed as a result of accidental fires


caused by gasoline spills. This is a common-sense proposal, supported by the industry, which would help keep kids safe. I am pleased that Senator Carnahan has joined this effort and look forward to working with her to continue the momentum that is building for passage of this bill," said Moore.

In June 1994, Jason and Joshua Jones of Leavenworth, Kansas were severely burned in June 1994 when they opened and overturned a gasoline container, spilling its contents near a hot water heater. Four year old Jason was killed , and three-year-old Joshua survived with third degree burns over 75% of his body. This was a


major reason why Congressman Moore introduced a bill in October 1999.

Under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, the CPSC cannot require a child-proof cap unless the package contains a hazardous material at the time of initial sale. Therefore, the CPSC cannot require containers that are intended for the transport of gasoline, but that do not contain gasoline at the time of retail sale, to have child-proof caps.

On 3/14/2001 H.R. 688 was referred to the house subcommittee. The senators also have a similar bill which is S. 1485.

If you would like to help pass this act/bill, get in contact with your Congressman and Senator. Inform them that you would like to see the H.R. 688 and S. 1485 passed in order to protect our children.

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