BSTTW Israel Burn Survivor Recovery Project
By: Michael Appleman, CEO

On July 12, 2006 the Hezbollah guerillas kidnapped two Israeli soldiers
and killed eight others during a cross-border raid. Israel's reaction was fast and hard. For 34-days Hezbollah shot over 100 rockets at Israel. The rockets destroyed a large amount of property, land and human lives.

Israel responded by first sending its squadrons of F-16 and F-15 warplanes to bomb roads and bridges in order to attempt to stop the arms from Iran and Syria reaching the militants. Next the Israeli military sent their ground force to stop the bombing, find the Israeli soldiers who were taken captive and move the Hezbollah forces far enough back in Lebanon to keep the Hezbollah rockets from reaching Israel.

Finally on August 15th the war between Israel and Hezbollah militants ended with a

United Nations-brokered ceasefire and deployment of U.N. troops. Before the guns were silenced, more than 1,000 Lebanese and 116 soldiers and 39 civilians died in combat or from Hezbollah rockets. The Israeli army officials state that they killed more than 530 Hezbollah guerillas since the start of fighting on July 12, 2006. The Hezbollah spokesman has stated that only 68 dead.

In August the BSTTW board of directors decided to help rebuild the lives of the Israeli people who suffered a burn injury and their family members due to the action from Hezbollah. That is when BSTTW began the BSTTW Israel Recovery Project (BIRP).

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