Peter Gabriel Donates To & Praises BSTTW

By: Michael Appleman, CEO


Michael Appleman, CEO sent several articles and a copy of the BSTTW Music CD to Peter Gabriel, Peter Gabriel Ltd. and the Real World Trading, Ltd., in the United Kingdom. When the information arrived at the Peter Gabriel. Ltd., Mr. Gabriel was on away on business. Leanne Penford, Mr. Gabriel's representative, received the package, read the articles and listened to the BSTTW Music CD. She was touched by the work BSTTW is doing to help rebuild lives and increase public awareness. Ms. Penford knew that Mr. Gabriel would be very interested in learning more about BSTTW and the burn survivor community. When Mr. Gabriel returned and reviewed the package Mr. Appleman sent to him, Peter Gabriel was very touched. He asked Ms. Penford to inform BSTTW, that he would not be available to personally volunteer with BSTTW , but he would like to autograph the Peter Gabriel "HIT" CD and donate the CD to BSTTW.

Mr. Gabriel thanked Mr. Appleman for informing him about BSTTW and felt honored to know that Mr. Appleman and the BSTTW Board of Directors not only respects him for his music but also for the volunteer work he offers to help with environmental issues and human rights. Mr. Gabriel has offered a lot of help to the people in South Africa, volunteered with Amnesty International, Witness, the Reebok Foundation and Greenpeace. Mr. Gabriel hopes that the public and especially all of his fans will open up their hearts and support BSTTW financially and volunteer with the organization. Mr. Gabriel also stated that he would be interested in being kept up to date on BSTTW's work and the yearly BSTTW Fund Raising Concert. If Mr. Gabriel is available, he will do his best to take part in one of the BSTTW Fund Raising Concert's in order to not only share his music with the world, but to help raise the funds needed to allow BSTTW to continue rebuilding and saving lives.

BSTTW and the burn survivor community would like to thank Peter Gabriel for not only donating an autographed Peter Gabriel "HIT" CD but for taking the time to show his concern for organizations like BSTTW that offer their services to rebuild lives.

Below is a copy of the letter from Leanne Penford, On Behalf of Peter Gabriel, that was sent to Michael Appleman, CEO and BSTTW.