Vitamin E and Scars
Dr. Jere J. Mammino, D.O.


Vitamin E has a reputation for improving Skin Quality and many people regularly apply topical Vitamin E oil for this effect. Due to this popularity a recent study looked at Vitamin E's effectiveness for improving the appearence of surgical scars. Compared to an antibiotic ointment, Vitamin E oil was found to have no increased benefit in the final appearence of the scar. In fact, some people who used Vitamin E oil developed a contact dermatitis over the area. So if you'd like to minimize a scar, Vitamin E does not seem to be the answer.

If an unsightly scar does develop, there are several techniques that can help improve how it looks:

BSTTW Auctions

* Dermabrasion uses specialized medical equipment to remove the top layers of the skin to blend in a scar.

* Laser resurfacing uses high-energy light to burn away unwanted damaged skin.

* Collagen injections build up depressed scars to achieve a normal contour of the skin.

* Chemical peels smooth scars by using a chemical solution to remove the top layer of skin.

Talk with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon if you are interested in improving the appearence of any scar. They will be pleased to evaluate your condition and determine which method might work best for you.

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