BSTTW Middle East Fund

By: Michael Appleman, CEO



BSTTW is very proud to have the BSTTW Middle East Fund (BMEF). With your help and the funding raised, BSTTW will be able to continue helping the burn victims, burn survivors and family members in all of the Middle East recover after suffering a burn injury. Many of the hospitals in parts of the Middle East do not have the medical equipment, medications, rehabilitation or a burn unit that is needed to help a burn survivor recover. Most of the rehabilitation centers have old equipment. BSTTW is working with several hospitals in throughout Middle East to offer the funding, education, medical supplises and support needed. There are thousands of burn survivors who need surgeries, medications, medical supplies, rehabilitation and possibly orthopedic and prosthetics supplies. The cost for the hospital, doctors, medications and medical supplies can be much higher than the salary the family of a burn victim receives for one year. They do not have medical insurance. Without the help from BSTTW the burn victims in Middle East will never become a true burn survivor. That is why BSTTW started working in Middle East in 2001. With your help BSTTW can continue rebuilding the live of the thousands of people each day who suffer a burn injury in the Middle East.

BSTTW is receiving applications from burn victims and family members who live in Middle East. They are in need of medical attention, medications, medical supplies, food, clothes and for some a home to live in. We review all applications, meet with the burn victims and families, have the burn victims evaluated by the doctors and decide who can receive medical support in the Middle East and who might need to be brought to the USA for extensive medical treatment. BSTTW will created a list of pictures, information and updates for each burn victim that is accepted into the program and receives medical attention. All donators who have a username and password will be able to keep up to date. If you know of a burn victim in in Middle East that would like to apply for help in the BSTTW Medical Application, they can learn more about the applying to the BSTTW Medical Application by going to BSTTW Medical Application Information in English. You should download the BSTTW Medical Application Form, fill it out get all of the other required information that is stated on the form and on the internet and mail all to BSTTW's main USA Office.

God asks all of us to work together and help each other. BSTTW , asks you to please take part and continue to donate to the BSTTW Middle East Fund so we all can work together and rebuild the lives of the burn victims in the Middle East.

The BSTTW board of directors has set the minimum finances to be raised for the BSTTW Middle East Fund (BAF) at $125,000.00. This will allow BSTTW to help many burn victims throughout the Middle East. We pray that with your support, BSTTW can raise more than the minimum and rebuild many burn victims in the Middle East.

BSTTW and the burn victims in the Middle East would like to thank you very much for your willingness to take part in rebuilding the lives of so many adults and children in the Middle East that have suffered a burn injury. We ask you to thank yoou in advance for donating to the BMEF and helping the burn survivors and family members in the Middle East get the help needed. We also request that you would inform your family members, friends, companies, groups and neighborhood about the BMEF. Give them the URL to this page and so they can read about how the funds in the BMEF will be used. With your help together we can continue rebuilding the lives of many burn victims in Middle East.

Donate To The BSTTW Middle East Fund

Donations By Mail

To mail a money order, personal or business check to BSTTW, you should go to BSTTW Check Donations Form. Print the form, fill it out and then mail it to BSTTW with your donation.

Mail your donations to the following address:

Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc.
Attn: BSTTW Middle East Fund
16193 Lone Star Ranch Drive #102
Conroe, Texas 77302

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Many families and individuals have offered BSTTW a percentage or all of their finances, investments and personal property in their last will and testament. A donation to the BSTTW Middle East Fund, the BSTTW General Fund, or any of the other BSTTW Funds, will allow you to continue supporting and helping not only BSTTW, but the burn survivor community even after God takes you to heaven. If you are interested in doing that you should have your attorney contact BSTTW at 936-483-9014.