The Power Angels eBook
By: Delores Lekowski

The Power Angels book is more than a collection of stories about burn survivors and their lives after recovery, it is also a handbook useful for anyone's life.
hurt their self-esteem.


The Power Angels book and the information it offers is as powerful as the stories it holds between its covers. This book goes beyond, where other books have gone. It includes valuable information not only for survivors, but for those who are having a rough time dealing with the obstacles in their lives.

The Power Angels recognizes our beloved co-survivors. Those who stood by us and love us unconditionally. It recognizes the siblings, who because of our injuries, have had their lives dramatically disrupted.

The Power Angels addresses new burn survivors, gently offering them a vision of hope while it validates the survival of all survivors.

The Power Angels eBook is selling for only $4.99. Fifty percent of the purchase this eBook is donated to Burn Survivors Throughout The World, Inc. to be used to help rebuild the lives of the current and future burn survivors and educate the public about fire safety. The other 50% is given to the author Delores Lekowski.

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