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Questions relating to a Hospital Stay:

  • Who must stay in the hospital/burn unit?

    Usually individuals that have suffered from severe burns stay in a burn unit. Others who cannot be managed at home, or have a medical history that can cause complications and will need extended medical care require hospitalization. Finally individuals who suffer from an inhalation injury, involving the lungs, are also hospitalized.

  • What happens during the hospital stay?

    A burn survivor is usually reviewed by the medical staff and rehabilitation therapists in order to put forth the team effort to help the individual move forward towards recovery.

    A burn survivor who suffers from breathing problems will be put on a ventilator. This type of machine can help the burn survivor breathe.

    Burn wounds are cleaned daily in a special bath and are usually covered with medication and medicated dressings to prevent infection and help to increase healing. If the burn survivor is suffering from pain and/or psychological issues, he/she will usually be given pain and psychological medications.

    A dietition usually reviews the burn survivor and discusses what diet will be best in order to help in the recovery. Due to the skin and body fluid loss, a special diet is used to increase calorie intake and maximize the healing process. Body fluids that are lost may need replacement. This is may be done through intravenous, if enough fluids cannot be taken orally. To learn more go to: BSTTW Article List and the BSTTW Nutrition Article List

  • How long is the hospital stay?

    That depends on the burn injury, your medical history and how quickly you can recover. Many people use the following estimate to figure out how long them might have to stay in the hospital: One day for every percent of body surface area burned.

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