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Burn Camps Region IV United States
Region V
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan
Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

Burn Camps Region V United States

ACBC Burn Camp
Located at the Akron Rotary Camp, Ohio.
Contact Julie Klein, RN at (303) 543-8813.

Camp Ability
Located in Cincinnatti, OH . Affiliated with Shriners Children's Hospital.
Contact Pat Harrison at (513) 872-6058.

Camp Phoenix
Located in Bath, Ohio.
Contact Linda Powers at (216) 531-0509.

Detroit Fire Fighters Burn Camp
Located in Detroit, Michigan. Associated with the Detroit Children's Hospital and the Detroit Receiving Hospital.
Contact Grace Cancel at (313) 962-7546.

Great Lakes Burn Camp
Located in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Contact Debbie Jamieson at (800) 989-2571.

Hoosier Burn Camp
Located at Indiana.
Contact Ginger Shank at (800) 254-2878.

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Burn Camp
Located in Ingelside, Illinois. Affiliated with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance.
Contact Mary Werderitch at (800) 634-0911.

Matomedi Family Burn Camp
Located in Ely, Minnessota. This is a special camp for child burn survivors & their families.
Affiliate with the Regions Burn Center
Contact Patti Cole at (651) 254-1806 or

Regions Burn Camp
Located in Estes Park, Colorado. Affiliated with the Denver Children's Burn Camp.
Contact Patti Cole at (651) 254-1806 or

Southern Illinois Camp
Located in Souther Illinois.
Contact Dennis Palmer at (618) 985-3081.