I Do Have Faith

By: Michael Appleman

January 22, 1988 was the night the bullet did not wait
The 357 Magnum was handled the wrong way,

I was shot and went to the ground
And woke up with things not the same,

Sitting up and praying helped a lot that day
Then I lost consciousness and went away,

Everything on the earth was dark for the next two days
Things were painless and spiritual during that stay,

Today is my 12th birthday
Life I am here to stay,

It is a joy sharing this with Burn Survivors
Sick, injured and loving people in the world today,

Who have shared and are sharing the test of God-Jesus Christ
Which is, has and will be the same and different ways.

The River Flows

By: Michael Appleman

This was a Birthday Present For A Burn Survivor November 1999

Peace at the river with Jesus Christ
Life is in joy
It can be found through out the world
People cannot interrupt that stay
Do not ever try
It is a definite sin
Under the water is the same
Life is within
Calmness and beauty is the drive
Men fought and had to use the water as life
So many made it home
Some understood during or after that Jesus protected
Burn Survivors have also been saved by water
I am one that used water to kill the flames
Also at a rough time of recovery
I watched the water flow
It was only walking distance away
Jesus Christ's peace flowed through me
In our way we are warriors
As people we need to truly love ourselves and each other
Daily war is not peaceful
To speak and not show is the devils way
To show with an unholy heart
Is also the devils way
God, Jesus Christ, Mary: The Mother of God, the Holy Spirit and the angels believe in peace
Lets all of us be Jesus Christ's' followers who showed his fathers way
Remember Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for our sins
When you are not at peace
Go to the water
Pray or just look at its peace


By: Michael Appleman
Given To A Burn Survivor

The life he lead
Taught us the way to be.

The love he gave
Helped so many to become free.

The earth during that time
Was heading the wrong way.

So Jesus came
To set the true faithful free.

The devil is wrong
Evil is the devils' way.

Lets remain on the path
And show that Jesus is the way.

At Calvary On The Cross

By: Michael Appleman

A human being did all
He saved many lives
While moving around
Teaching everyone day or night.

At the water he was
Baptized for life
And never regretted
His existence of life.

So he finally decided
There was no choice
Since many others
Wanted him on the Cross.

Through the area he went
Carrying this Cross
I think we all know
Jesus Christ gave his LIFE FOR ALL AT CALVARY on that CROSS.

"He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow of living water." John 7:38