By: Michael Appleman, M.S.

Children and their families go through a great deal during a home
or any other type of fire. Many times the children are not burned. This article will give some information on what happens, how to cope and the recovery for the children and their



The majority of families that have been in a fire show many side effects. The parents and the children go through negative results. They have been seen to experience depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can increase and help to cause depression and anxiety. It also causes the individual to have flash backs that usually relates to the accident. So many times medications need to be used. Parents whether present or not at the time of the fire, afterwards must go through the effects of trauma. Which includes the pain, both physically and emotionally that their child goes through. This can cause the parents to have their own emotional reaction.

In today's society, we must teach our children how to safely evacuate a fire. The parents likewise need to be educated in order to help themselves, their children and others involved. Fire drills at homes, apartments, schools and businesses help prepare a child teenager, young adult and adults to calmly get to a safe area. A very good way of educating children is to give them positive feedback after the drill. Also they should have goals to reach and awards they will get by reaching the goals for safety. At home or at school the children should discuss their feelings about going through the drill. They should be shown pictures and/or films of fires and Burn Survivors. It has been a very positive final result when Burn Survivors and Firefighters together take part in educating the children, teens, young adults and their families.

Many times a child has a parent injured or looses them in a fire.


Some had to see the pain and suffering their parents went through. This has happened either at the scene, in the hospital or after they were released from the hospital. So many times children have helped support their parents during recovery, along with family and friends. Fortunately, today the percentage rate of a Burn Survivor surviving is very high.

The Safe Childrens Sleepwear Coalition has a lot of backup to help people become aware of the need for our Children to Sleep as Safe as Possible. They show the differences between flammable and Flame-Retardant sleepwear for children. The Coalition and their supporters have been a large part in helping the
Congress realize the importance in passing the H.R. 329 Bill to cause companies to produce only Flame-Resistant Sleepwear for young children.

In conclusion, awareness for the children and family is very important. People have had the tendency to blame themselves for injuries, deaths and destruction of property. This usually is due to the fact that they do not know what to do in a fire. While getting through the recovery steps, family, friends and loved ones need to stand by each other. This is needed weather you are a Burn Survivor or not. Burn Survivors and our new generations are in need of our support and education. So lets do what is needed to save their lives.

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