Burn Therapy

Physical and Occupational therapists should be part of the burn team. They need to be called in during the first 24-48 hours to review the burn survivor and give their suggestions. Contracture and movment should be treated from day one if possible.


Some stiffness is common after complex burns have healed and physiotherapy will need to be continued. Splints can help maintain web-spaces whilst wound-maturation occurs and dynamic splints can assist in the mobilization of joints.

Burn-wounds are prone to hypertrophy. This should be controlled with the application of customized pressure garments which need to be worn for much of the day. A burn survivor should not make the decision to stop wearing the pressure garments. If they do complications can arise.

Insufficient primary care usually unavoidably leads to skin and joint contractures. Surgical correction may be needed, can be complex and may involve multiple procedures, particularly in growing children.